Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Problems And Solutions

Hi people

My story today about a problem.Each problems,there is a solution.Our life must have problems.sometimes there is a problem difficult to solve.

I have a short story about a dog was running from the highway alone.So i wondered how that dog will eat when it's on the road without even a food only grass and trees.

My question being solve in a couple minutes,when the dog eat a waste food from people who throw from car.That is the truth life,you know that every problems there is a solutions.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paid by Google adsense

Hi people

I want a tell you about finding money in internet.Who don't want money ?.Many people do not want to talk about make money from on the internet they say never exist.Before then I being paid by google adsense with total amount $ 1290.76. Just only used my own blog i manage to generate money from internet.I don't want wasting time There my results.

Friday, October 21, 2011

wedding invitations

Hi People.

Hi there,Is there wedding invitations this week.? Come not come, must come because there is profit.The profit is no need to pay lunch time.No need to cook at yours house,and you can eat a special meals.

Usually before coming to the wedding invitation,everyone will be handing such as bread in the container of food or drink. After that, sometimes we used plates to eat will be carried back right.

Do not go in a hurry I know why so hurry to sleep because your stomach full and tired.Just wait any prayer after finished eating.If can look at the bride to honor them.

Love is Cinta

Hi People

Who did not know then there is no love.Love is cinta in malay language. Love is beautiful, The birth of the first view will fall to heart.Cinta not know any people, because love is born to fellow human beings.

Now if you want to find love so easily, sophisticated search today is in the social networking site like facebook, Chating blog.Long time ago nor the only parents they find right mate to their son, even if there no cinta.Tickle way before, They wear smart clothes within the rolls of arms, there is koroll and do not forget black sunglasses.

If you want to present different tickle identified in the social pages, photos handsome most important, in biodata must be single, do not be fooled.Most important in the relationship must undergo candor and mutual respect.

Love on the One

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Funny Angry

Hi People.

This time I tell you my stories about my angry time.That day I have stress in job considered a very bad day.Everything not be kept successful once at work, back at home i feel hungry and there no food to eat.Hungry enough to burn back my anger.

My brothers just watching my attitude , wait something magic. I do not think thus dial phone numbers that usually I order food. "Hello, I want to order three fried noodles ready to tapau.Later i will take ." The man says back ... i confuse , So I closed it.

My siblings watch me with their mouth wide-open.One of my brother dumbfounded to see the behavior of me and he said, "What he said.?" So I replied simply, "He said these shops sell cupboard." Ha ha ha HA .. Seeing my brother laughing so funny my angry time suddenly disappear.

Kwang Kwang Kwang.

Work With Smart

Hi People

All people in this world there's work, Even the animals were work.There is a work that could not be an example like old man said, "if only work sleep mean no sustenance".This could not be follow.

We work must use a brain "Work with Smart" not to work hard only, if work hard .but same salary not good too.Strong work may have pains are at a job that requires energy such as gardening, lifting, working contructions and other more.

Work quickly if have skilful, but work quickly but don't have skilful mean condemn, not good.Want to be fast rich with quick work ,Like rabbits run fast but in the end turtle win. Working slowly no good also. Example.When someone like to order teh tarik and the worker very slow waiting until the new hours,that is so bad.

As much good work is honest work and our work need a good spirit.

Seed Can Help

Hi People

Title above is about the Seed Can Help . life is difficult if there is no money, Even if you want to eat and where you want to live.

Seeds can help?. I give imagination, if you are in lonely, there is no such thing to do.Find such seeds that can be grown beans to fruit and can be eaten.If don't have try to ask some one.If don't so, probably where your live is stingy people.Nah seed, you got the seed then plant it is up to beome tree and fruit,this take long, but worth it.

Fruit was later sold and you will get the money to buy goods.
Collect your money and buy a moderate land to built a small house to Sleep .From seed to fruit and fruit can be right all kinds, such as jam, sauce, and other search yourself.With seed is more and more that you try to further gains.

Then you are rich,you a rich from where.? From the seeds that help