Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hi people

Today article is an interview.If you have an
interview opportunities for work, what you should do.? For me before you come to the interview , you have to is get up early to prepare yourself so as not to answer any difficult questions.

You do physical exercises first before bathing, Bright your face with a smile and spices, Eat food ,beware empty stomach
not later your stomach will be singing.Ask yourself who are you really are before that boss Questioning you.

Describe yourself as your name, where to stay, married or not, Did not handsome, and others . so that you are great in view of the feasibility.With your certificate,Tell how to do it right for your new job later.

If not there is any eligibility you will be asked, Is there any self
experience of yours.That will help answer the question Asked.Insyallah Every problem there is a way to completion and remedy.
Best wishes.

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