Thursday, October 20, 2011

Work With Smart

Hi People

All people in this world there's work, Even the animals were work.There is a work that could not be an example like old man said, "if only work sleep mean no sustenance".This could not be follow.

We work must use a brain "Work with Smart" not to work hard only, if work hard .but same salary not good too.Strong work may have pains are at a job that requires energy such as gardening, lifting, working contructions and other more.

Work quickly if have skilful, but work quickly but don't have skilful mean condemn, not good.Want to be fast rich with quick work ,Like rabbits run fast but in the end turtle win. Working slowly no good also. Example.When someone like to order teh tarik and the worker very slow waiting until the new hours,that is so bad.

As much good work is honest work and our work need a good spirit.

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