Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seed Can Help

Hi People

Title above is about the Seed Can Help . life is difficult if there is no money, Even if you want to eat and where you want to live.

Seeds can help?. I give imagination, if you are in lonely, there is no such thing to do.Find such seeds that can be grown beans to fruit and can be eaten.If don't have try to ask some one.If don't so, probably where your live is stingy people.Nah seed, you got the seed then plant it is up to beome tree and fruit,this take long, but worth it.

Fruit was later sold and you will get the money to buy goods.
Collect your money and buy a moderate land to built a small house to Sleep .From seed to fruit and fruit can be right all kinds, such as jam, sauce, and other search yourself.With seed is more and more that you try to further gains.

Then you are rich,you a rich from where.? From the seeds that help

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  1. mcm cerita jack dgn kacang..sebenarnya cerita kanak2 tu tauladan kepada kita.